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Meet the Team

Here we met under one name and one roof in order to label- NO.53 - G , BIZ AVENUE 2, NEOCYBER, LINGKARAN CYBERJAYA POINT BARAT, 63000 , CYBERJAYA ,SELANGOR.



A full team of management, cooking and preparation at a restaurant and one integrated team here when you are looking for excellent service and efficient high-performance



Phone: 03 3382 0734



We're open 11am till 3am everyday.
You know where the best food at!

Mister Sae'ed


Director and owner of the restaurant

His distinctive series of magnificent Arabic restaurants in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur


Has considerable experience in business management and owner of several areas characterized this restaurant in his work because he carries with him the distinctive Arabic flavor that came out of the Arab world, from Morocco specifically to be the owner of Marrakech restaurant with the best service in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur



Restaurant ManagerPrimarily responsible in the management of the restaurant at all times and occasions and is coordinated at concerts distinctive and based on the overall supervisionCarry a lot of experience that distinguish them in the preparation, processing,


And private parties study of the advantages with our customers


Mohammed Afifi


Foreign sales manager

Works on sweets Basnavha processing and numerous birthday parties and weddings

Department of shisha

Characterized by a distinct list of نكهاتها and making several distinct combinations of different feed industry and is in distinct ways and shisha private


Head chef

Very keen on making the best cuisine and excellent efficiency expertise

Osama Cook holds a great experience certificates from institutes promised food and arts education experience certificates from several hotels around the world


Authentic taste in the holder touches and Ocefath for manufactured best powerfully Arab cuisine and a private Maier of the main rice dishes and cooked dishes and special Tetbilat grills

Between his hands holds the secrets to cook


And also of how interest features pasta and pizza industry and even the wonderful Italian dishes

In addition to his aides who assist him in preparing a team in making dishes with complete precision

Head chef
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